I recently came across this song again and realized how much I like it :)

It’s a very cute, very sweet song.

I like to fancy myself a writer, so I pay a lot of attention to lyrics.  At least, lyrics in a song are very important to me :x  And I like all the lyrics of this song.  I think my favorite line is, “Do you even know you met me?”  But I’d be hard pressed to pick an actual favorite, as there are many parts that I like!  The music and the words all fit together nicely.

I think that this would make a very cute confession song.  Actually, I heard that Ryan Cabrera wrote the song for a girl that he liked before he got famous, but she turned him down XD  I’m not sure if it’s true, but I think many girls would fall for a guy who could serenade her with something sweet like this :)  (Or maybe it’s just me; I’m a super romantic…)