In the spirit of randomness, I would like to also do some food reviews on here whenever I try new things.  My parents and I went to have breakfast at Einstein Brothers Bagels. We each got something different, including some new items I haven’t seen before.

My mom selected one of their current specials, an egg white, bacon, and cheddar panini on a thin bagel, with country pepper spread.  This came with a small coffee for a total of $5 – $6.  (My mom threw away the receipt, so I don’t know the exact amount.)

Okay, it doesn’t look that small in the picture.  But it was pretty small >__>

Our first impression was that it’s pretty small, but it is on a thin bagel and meant to be healthier than the normal bagel sandwiches, I think.  We all thought that it was very tasty.  I removed the bacon from mine, and it was still good ^^

Final review: It’s worth a try but not worth the price.

My dad chose an egg, bacon, and cheddar breakfast sandwich on a Spinach Florentine bagel.  I think this was $3 – $4.

I liked this one also.  I’d actually been eyeing that spinach florentine bagel earlier. The sandwich was pretty good, kind of generic, but the most notable thing for me was the bagel.  If you like spinach, this is a good bagel. If not, not so much. It had a fairly strong spinach taste, and I think some cheese.

I got a regular bagel & schmear (their term for cream cheese) combination: Dutch apple with the honey almond schmear.  I typically get a cinnamon sugar bagel, but I felt like trying something different, and I haven’t seen the Dutch apple before.

Sorry for the bad picture… I didn’t want to flip the bagel over onto the paper.  Although now that I think of it, I could have just put the insides of the bagel together.  Oops.

Again, sorry for the bad picture on this.  Bad lighting QQ

I usually get the honey almond schmear, so I do recommend that if you’re looking for a sweet schmear.  The Dutch apple bagel was also pretty good, but a little strong for me, so I won’t be getting it again.  If you like apple turnovers or apple pie, this is your bagel.  (I don’t like either, so XD)

Other interesting offerings: a limited time holiday streusel bagel, a potato bagel, another panini bagel thin with salsa, and various pumpkin-flavored breakfast items.

All in all, bagels are nommy :3