Happy last day of 2010!!  ^w^

I feel like the end of the year should be commemorated by fireworks.  So here you go:

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For me, this year was marked by a lot of ups and downs, and quite a few big events.  (By the way, I hate roller coasters XP)  But I would just like to take a moment to commemorate some of the big things of the year that I would like to remember 2010 by.

(1) Wonderful people.

I think that this year, I really felt that I have some lovely people  in my life: friends, family, and coworkers.  Despite a bumpy start of the year, I still have a lot of spectacular people I can call my friends :)  I am deeply grateful for their continuing friendship and support, even though at times I am quite difficult.  XP  Just as another note, I am also deeply sad that I have lost contact with some other people, but I hope that their lives have been exciting and enjoyable.  I have also met some new and wonderful people, to whom I owe a lot of happiness and memories as well.  Thank you to friends, parents, my small group girls, newfound acquaintances, long-time buddies, and kind coworkers!

(2) Graduation.

This year, I graduated college with my undergraduate degree.  I think that this is a big change for a lot of people, and I’m still sort of flailing around, trying to figure out what to do with my life now.  Not to worry, that is normal, I think XP  But I am grateful for the past 4 years of school and all the things I have learned and was exposed to.  Although I do wish I had done more whilst in college (I was sort of OCD about studying), I am glad that I got to do what I did do, with the people I got to do it with!  Food outings, sweat shopping, shows, 11-hour shopping spree XD, dances, classes… and more :3

(3) Graduation TRIP.

I also got to go on a fantabulous graduation trip with one of my favoritest girlfriends, Tiffy :x  We started our own blog, toured all over Japan and Beijing, China, and had many memorable adventures along the way.  Those memorable adventures include meeting Hok from Quest Crew! at the airport, getting special first class upgrades on our way there (and free champagne — by the way, champagne is pretty gross), getting lost in Akiba and exploring Harajuku to its fullest, a maid cafe, photobooths, Body Line sales, seeing a maiko and a geiko, meeting awesome people in our tour group, eating really good foods, getting chased around by deer, crawling through Buddha’s nostril, going to bath houses and getting really comfortable with each other >__<, seeing all the Beijing sites, buying lots of random food at the China grocery store XD… oh yeah, and we ate SCORPIONS and SILKWORMS.  Yep.  Oh, and we drank a lot of sake and I think I almost got tipsy.

(4) New job.

I was very blessed in being able to find a job very quickly (I had one lined up by the time I graduated).  It has been quite an experience, although I’ve heard that the fun is yet to come XP  But I am glad that I have a job that I enjoy, and I get to work with so many brilliant and kind and helpful people :)  I can’t say much else, because I think anything else is qualified as confidential >__<  Oh, but I also did get to go to New York City with my mom! as part of orientation, and that was spectacular.  First time to New York, yay.

(5) A-Kon & cosplay.

Of course, this year was my first “real” anime convention at A-Kon… and it was incredibly exciting XD  Lots of fond and fun memories there, also!  Thank you to all my friends who let me and Tiffy rope you guys into cosplaying with us, and to those who just came along for the ride.  It wouldn’t have been the same without you :)  We also went to Oni-Con this year, which was fun (in a different way) too.  I hope that I can get a move on and finish my costumes for the next A-Kon so I can have these kinds of memories for 2011, too XD;;;…  I’m being so lazy.

(6) Church.

After falling out of churches while in college, I was finally convicted to go back (well, mostly it was my mom bugging me to go to church… but I guess I wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t want to).  I started attending a new church, the young professionals fellowship there, and a small group out of that fellowship.  Although I feel like I am still learning, meeting people, and making my way — I’m a pretty quiet person, so it takes me a long time to warm up — I am very grateful for the people I have met so far and the fun times I have had :)  I hope that 2011 brings new memories and brings me closer to my God, and brings me more fellowship with the people there.  Special thanks to the girls of my small group (my very first small group): you are wonderful, wonderful ladies!


There have been a lot of other things that I’ve forgotten to mention or be grateful for, I know, but I think those are the biggest points that encompass my year.  Thank you again to everyone (yes, I do mean you, too!) who has made it such a memorable year, and I hope that we can have an even better one in 2011.

Happy last day of 2010!!  May it be a special, memorable, and blessed last day of the year for you ♥


EDIT:  And memorable quotes from the night, courtesy of family :3

(My dad was frying taro and came in with a plate of freshly fried pieces.)
(Conversation happened in Chinese.)
Me: It looks hot.
Dad: Not really.
Me: *takes one*
Dad: Be careful, it’s hot.
Me: You said it’s not hot.
Dad: You said it looked hot.  I said no — it doesn’t really look hot.
Me: >__<
(Yes, it was hot.  I burnt my tongue XP)

Dad: Would you like some possum meat?
Me: No, thank you.
Dad: If you want some, I can shoot it and bring it in to barbecue.  (We have possums running around our backyard.)
Me: No, I’m okay.
Dad: You’re okay without?
Me: Yeah.
Dad: Not today?  Maybe later?
Me: Maybe some day.
Dad: Okay.

Dad: (to grandma) I was talking to John at your old assisted living home today.  He kept talking to me for a long time about how pretty you are and how much everyone misses you.
Grandma: Of course he would say that in front of you.  No one would say in front of you that your ma is “yuu-jee-lee, yuu-jee-lee” (ugly, ugly).

Grandma: When she (meaning me) has the “dun dee dee dee” day (wedding day… imagine “Here Comes the Bride”), he (my dad) will be smiling on the outside and crying on the inside.
Dad: I’ll be wiping my brow and breathing a sigh of relief when I finally give her away.
Aunt: Like, “Here you go, she’s all yours.”
Dad: “No warranty.  No returns or refunds.  You’re on your own.”
Me: -___-;