As promised, evidence of my escapades for Christmas XD;  There won’t be much text to this post other than explanation of the pictures.  Please enjoy the visual feast(?) :3


Christmas Eve Breakfast (made by mom)

Final result:

Making of:

Christmas Gifts

Scarf for daddy.  The material is very pretty, isn’t it? ^ ^

Blanket for grandma.  The material is so cute and lovely~

We used two different clothes for the top and bottom, and then stacked them up to match the cuts.

Finished edge of the blanket.  The pink is from the bottom layer.

Christmas Dinner

Asparagus Roll-ups

Final result:

Making of:

Crab Corn Pudding

Final result:

Making of:

Cranberry Almond Salad

Final result:

Making of:

Twice-Cooked Coconut Shrimp

Final result:

Making of:

Sesame Green Beans

Final result:

Making of:

Chinese dishes

Tofu with “thousand year old” eggs and “fried” vegetable, topped with green onions.

Rice noodles with cabbage, mushrooms, and fried tofu :3

The fish, which looks a little sad by itself.

Fish with all the toppings: sauce, tofu, mushrooms.  Can’t even see the fish XD

Om nom nom, raw meats x__x

Daddy’s special “ko ro” (my pinyin is bad, I know), steaming the whole day.

And it’s done :3


Ham in the oven~

Cooked ham :3  Nom nom.

Tres Leches

Final result:

Making of:

Peppermint Ice Cream


For Santa

Yummy foods for Santa: grapefruit peels, kettle corn, and eggnog.

Santa’s leftovers XD

Christmas Breakfast/Brunch

Pumpkin Espresso

Christmas Omelettes

Ingredients: leftover ham, onion, green bell peppers, and tomatoes.

Pre-omelette :3  It is Christmas-y because of the green and red!

Omelette #1… TOTAL FAILURE.  XDXD;;;;
Me: “Mommy… I made scrambled eggs for you.”

Omelette #2… actually looks like an omelette.

Oops, except for the back >__<;

Omelette #3… You would THINK would be the best.  But no.  Instead, I made a mess all over the stove with this one, and it turned out all wrinkly.