Okay, sorry for the macabre blog title, but I couldn’t help it XD

My parents recently went to a conference in Taiwan, and they visited some friends and relatives there, including my mom’s youngest brother.  He’s a very sweet man, although I really don’t know him well anymore since we live so far away and I rarely get to visit, and he’s always concerned about what to get for us as gifts.  When I was younger, he brought me an old school (at that time, newest console, I think) Nintendo system.  (I don’t know where that is now, but I have a severely aching longing for it.  I hope my mom didn’t give it away with all my other PRECIOUS artifacts QQ…)  The last time I went back to Taiwan, he gave me this gorgeous pearl necklace and earring set.  This time, my mom and I both said to him not to worry about gifts!  He’s really too sweet.

Anyways, instead of something big, this time he only got something small but very cute.  For my dad and me, he got USB flash drives.

One explanatory note: my parents refer to me in Chinese as “monkey,” and consequently the things they (and my uncle, apparently) get me are often monkey-shaped.  I sort of forgot about this recently, since I’m now used to my friend Daniel being the monkey and me being a kitty, but I was reminded when my parents gave me the items they got from Taiwan.  Oh, the reason they call me this is because when I was a little kid, I used to imitate them to learn, like a monkey imitates.  Or so they say.  Anyways, I’m a monkey.

So my uncle got a monkey-shaped USB drive for me.  It’s quite adorable.

He even has this little dangling USB holder thing.

You can probably see where this is going.  Because there is only one possible way to use this as a USB drive.

That’s right, you have to decapitate the monkey.

In use as a USB drive:

And you can make sure the monkey’s body and head don’t get too far away from each other by putting the dangling USB shape into the body, where the monkey’s head should be.

I must admit I was a bit disturbed by this when I first started using it.  Now, I just think it’s kind of funny.  Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t that a little odd but also a little funny?

Asians always make the most interesting things :3