I know it’s a bit late, and I typically don’t really do New Year’s resolutions (I usually just find things I need to improve on throughout the year), but I thought it would be nice to write a list of things I would like to accomplish this year.  I guess it would make a good point to look back at, or a set of milestones for myself :)

1:  Be happier.
I know it’s kind of a weird resolution, but sometimes I just feel like I’m at a plateau of feeling fine, as opposed to really feeling happy — even if good things happen!  I don’t know how to do this one really, but maybe my willpower will do it for me… >__<

2:  Be healthier.
I don’t ever exercise, because I’m lazy.  It’s “fine,” I guess, because I tend to eat fairly healthy (I don’t eat much, I don’t like most fatty/fried foods, I don’t like beef so I don’t eat steak, I don’t like desserts, and I do like to eat lots of veggies)… but it’s better to exercise, I suppose.  I have been doing a walk/run of 20 mins per day lately without forcing myself to do too much, because my problem with this in the past was feeling obligated to exercise more than my body is used to/can take, and then it was just really hard, and so I gave up XP  And I guess I should eat healthier, too.  More veggies and fruits and stuff :)

3:  Be more organized.
Along the same lines as the above, I’m relatively organized/clean, but I always feel like my place is kind of messy.  So… need to organize  XD  Which often requires shelving, and that… that, I’m currently having issues with -__-;  But that’s another topic entirely.

4:  Learn to cook.
I like to bake.  I don’t like to cook.  But I should cook, too XD

5:  Write more.
I really need to get working on my book… ;;  It’s been sitting in hiatus for forever.  And I should get more practice with other kinds of writing.  I look at the books that are out there, so many with these amazing worlds or wonderful prose, and I want to do that, too :D

6:  Read more.
I should read.  I have no goal for this, since I like to read anyways.  Just a reminder to myself that books are good.

7:  Study.
I’m not really sure what I’m going to be doing in a year or five, but I feel like I should start studying for some standardized tests.  I’ve always felt drawn to doing higher higher education (graduate school… probably just because it’s the ASIAN WAY…) but I really don’t know where I’ll go.  So for now, I’m looking into different options (which is part of the “studying”)…

8:  Focus.
This is sort of an “applies to everything” resolution.  Sometimes I feel like I lack focus — in life, in God, in work, or whatever.  I guess I’m a little ADD >__<;

9:  Be closer to God.
I also don’t think I can really rate this one at the end of the year, but it’s a reminder to myself.  Keep trying, and don’t give up.  Walking with God is hard >__>;  But I would at the very least like to commit myself to attending church as many Sundays as possible, going to every fellowship event, going to/participating in all my small group nights, getting involved in other ministries, and also spending enough of my own alone time with God.  Well, sometimes I just feel like if I make my body move, hopefully my mind/heart will follow, and it’s sort of the case here.


I’m sure there are many more things I would like to accomplish this year, or just in general, but those are the major ones I’ve been thinking about these days.  I doubt I’ll come back to this at the end of 2011 and check them all off, because most of them are continuing items (actually, I think all of them are >__<), but it’s nice to have things I want to focus on!

What are your resolutions? :D