I would like to introduce you to the newest two members of my family:

These are Myrrh ~Mistletoe~ (left) and Noel (right) Jubilee.  They are of the family San-X, genus Nyanko, species Kutusitanyanko.  Myrrh and Noel are brothers, and they were born on 2010 December 25 (Christmas).

Myrrh is the older brother, and he is a quiet nyanko.  He is thoughtful and kind but is sometimes seen as a bit distant or hard to read, because he takes a long time to warm up.  Once you get to know him, he is a joker and sometimes a “class clown” type (that is why his nickname is Mistletoe).  He likes to watch out for his younger brother.  His favorite color is red, and his favorite food is fish with bones.

Noel is the younger brother.  He is also pretty quiet because he is shy, but he is also very sweet and caring.   Sometimes he is mistaken for a girl nyanko because of his personality.  He likes to cook and draw, and he can often be found doing small things for others or sitting alone and thinking.  He looks up to his older brother and sometimes wishes to be more like him.  His favorite color is white, and his favorite food is chicken pasta.

I don’t know them that well because they are new, but I hope that as time progresses, we will be close family :3

(By the way, I was inspired to properly name and quickly establish the personalities of these two by my friend Iris ^w^  She has these adorable special edition(?) polar bears that each have their own names and personalities.)