Last night was my small group’s first meeting of the year.  It was wonderful.  Snacking on Land O Lakes hot chocolate, gingerbread marshmallows, snickerdoodles, and Tim Tams, we shared our FEELINGS (sort of inside joke thing, sorry) as we talked about exciting moments from our holiday season, three blessings from 2010, and the things we would like to work on or improve for the coming year.

I’ve already mentioned my 2010 thankful events and blessings, as well as some of my resolutions, in previous posts here, so I won’t reiterate them here.  Mostly, I just wanted to say how nice it was to have a sense of peaceful fellowship with a bunch of fun, deep, and amazing girls.  I also learned something new: the “Tim Tam Slam.”  Apparently, the right way to eat Tim Tams is to bite off one corner, then bite off the opposite corner, and then stick one end into your drink and use it as a straw.  For us, since we were drinking hot chocolate, it quickly became very soft and started to fall apart.  Then, you put the whole bar in your mouth and eat it.

Uh, yeah, just give it a try XD;;  I didn’t understand it at first (especially how to use a chocolate bar as a straw), but it actually worked pretty well.

Anyways, the whole night, I just felt like I was sitting there and soaking up the good feelings from being around these kinds of people.  I think that I am an introvert by nature, which by some definitions means that being around people sucks the energy out of you, but I’ve found that if I’m around certain people, I have a bit of an “extrovert” tendency — that is, I get energy just from being around them.  And I certainly was getting something good from being in that moment with these girls.

All this sounds a bit mushy and vague… I know >__<  But I guess I just wanted to remember one of those precious and rare moments, at least for me, when just sitting and being can feel so warm and pleasant.