I took this link from my dear friend’s blog, where she posts a lot of really interesting stuff :)

As for the excerpt, I think that it is an amazing piece of writing.  It’s creative, thoughtful, sincere, and yet so easy to get in touch with and understand.  And I think that the message of it speaks to all of us and reminds us of something very important.

I’ve always been a grasper of time.  And I don’t mean grasping like understanding, I mean grabbing at it, like a little child reaching into the candy jar and trying to take as big a fistful of M&Ms as possible, even though only five fit in my hand, and getting frustrated as all the rest of them pass between my fingers or spill onto the floor.

For me, time makes me anxious, and I’ve long felt that my time might be short.  Not in a depressed way or anything, but more like… there just isn’t enough time in my life to do everything, especially with all the things you have to do to stay alive or support yourself (sleep, eat, go to work, study).  And I’ve wasted a lot of it being angry or sad or wishing for things that just can’t come true.  It’s something I need to work on, too.  I’ve needed a lot of help to eve get to this point XP

I often like to keep the things that people say about themselves or the way they view life in the back of my mind and take them out to roll around in my fingers from time to time.  One thing I remember, that I also try to live by, is something that same friend I mentioned once said.

I don’t remember the exact words, but she told me, “Life is too short to be angry.  I don’t bother being angry anymore.”  (Sorry if I totally butchered what you said, Tiffy.)  Anyways, I sometimes have a short temper, and I know it keeps me from enjoying things like I should — and it hurts me more than it hurts the person I’m mad at.  Lessons learned!

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt, and that it reminds you to savor every second :)