Okay. This video, despite it being utterly ridiculous, is actually pretty true.

1: Anytime the guy tells the truth about anything to his girl, he’ll probably get in trouble. Because guys are dumb like that sometimes XP

2: Girls like doctors.

3: Girls like guys who can cook. And it’d be cool if they are interested in culture and art, along with cooking.

4: Delivery pizza and $0.50 burritos are NOT good date foods. At least, not in the beginning, and not until you’re sure she likes those foods. (But girls can like those things too >__< I like pizza and burritos… but not for a first date kind of thing.)

5: Girls do care a lot about thought and effort. But personally, I think the final product is pretty important, too.

6: "I just finished cooking. I apologize for the mess, but it's because I wanted to make it special… because you're a special girl." If you say this, then YES, SHE WILL BE GOOGLY-EYED. XD;;;