I’m the kind of person that is easily stressed out, and a lot of little things can build up very quickly and make me upset. Sometimes I feel like this:

“Ragequit” is probably the appropriate term for that.

For instance, if some project I’m working on at work/school isn’t going (smoothly or otherwise) for what seems like a stupid and non-project related reason, and anyone working on something similar is not experiencing those problems and/or is being really unhelpful and uncaring, and I can’t get this particular necessary website to load, and my apartment is cold, and my bills are high for no explicable reason, and my car is acting weird, and my skin is feeling dry, and I don’t know what to do about my future, and people are being unhelpful and uncommunicative, and I don’t have the right muffin pan liners, and the store ran out of the thing that I wanted, and–

Well, it’s a lot of little things. Toothpicks, if you will, pricking you until you’re just too frustrated to go on.

In those cases, like everyone else, I have some things that help me to relax a bit. A lot of times, music does it for me. I’ve recently found some nice calm songs that I like to listen to, so I just felt like posting them here ^^ (Hm, this post was supposed to be mostly about those songs, but it seems like I wrote mostly about ragequitting. Oops XD;;…)

The first song is one that I actually never really liked before, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I started listening to it because there was a reference to it in a KDrama I was watching. Originally, I had wanted to find this one version that I heard a long time ago, sung by a man with a very deep voice, but I couldn’t quite find that one. I did, however, find this very nice and calming version by Israel Kamakawiwo`ole from Hawaii.  I feel like it’s actually a mix of two songs, but I can’t remember what the second one is called, and there’s no reference to it on the video. Oh well, I really like this version (as opposed to Israel’s straight “Over the Rainbow,” because that one has other sounds in it).

Another song is one that I actually didn’t care much for before, either.  (I think that’s a trend in my life, but I’ll save that topic for later.)  I was introduced to this song by my friend Daniel, but I never really listened to it until recently… probably because I saw that NICHKHUN had played it.  So of course, I was sucked in.  (If you don’t know who Nichkhun is, you’ve been missing out!  XP)

Oh, right.  The song.  Sorry, that happens sometimes (I get distracted).  So the song is Yiruma’s “Kiss the Rain,” which is just really pretty and somewhat melancholic but also very calming.  This is the one I usually listen to, and it has pretty flower pictures to go with :)

(Oh and if you’re curious, Nichkhun’s version is here.  I don’t like to listen to that one though, because it gets really static-y halfway through.)

Yiruma has a lot of really pretty songs, but “Kiss the Rain” is probably my favorite.  You can check out his other songs on the sidebar if you go to the YouTube page for the video.

There is also an artist, Lisa, that I recently rediscovered, and she is amazing.  She has a beautiful voice and a very friendly, warm feeling, AND she writes/composes all of her own songs in English or Japanese.  I think I’ll make an intro post about her sometime, but in lieu of that, I’ll give you a preview with one of the songs I sometimes like to listen to in order to feel calmer.  The song is called “You Don’t Know.”  Please check out her other songs as well!

Now that I’m all nice and calm, I suppose I shall end the post here XD;

Enjoy and have a beautiful day!