I’m not usually a fan of expensive accessories, because I think that as long as it’s pretty and it’s useful, I don’t care if it’s a name brand.  And things that cost a lot make me nervous, so then I don’t even like to use them.  This applies to jewelry, purses, shoes… etc.  Particularly jewelry.  I like sparkly things, but give me crystal over diamonds any day.

I do, however, make a few exceptions.  I’m not entirely sure this counts as an exception, because I don’t know how much these are, but no matter how much they are… I really want one XD  (Although I’ll still take a shiny fake crystal over a diamond.)  I saw these once a long time ago in Sam’s Club, and I’ve been in love with them ever since.

No, not the earrings.  The egg.

I’m not sure why I like it.  I have the vague inkling that it may have to do with some story I read once about Anastasia (one of those diary books for girls) and how her father would get these beautiful eggs for a present for some female member of their family.  Anyways, whether I read that before or after I saw these, I know that I really, really want that egg.  And I’ve only ever seen them at Sam’s.

(By the way, those earrings are really, really expensive.  Wow.)

And another view of the egg:

I think that it would be really cute to get a(n engagement) ring in that egg.  It’d have to be lined with black instead of white, though.  (Sparkly jewelry always looks better on a black background, I think.  It accents the sparkly-ness.)


Black = more sparkly.  Yep.

Oh, another thing I make an exception for: blue diamonds.  If I ever own a real diamond, it has to be blue.  And naturally blue, not man-made.  (I’ll probably be too terrified of losing it to wear it, though.)  They’re just so prettyful :3

Okay that’s all, enough about jewelry.  I just really like that egg.  If you can get into Sam’s (or if there’s somewhere else that has it), you should go check it out.  You’ll fall in love with it, too :3 XP