The other day, I made cupcakes for the very first time, because a friend of mine had requested some.  As with most desserts, I’m not really a fan of cupcakes — the result of that is, I have no idea what makes a “good”-tasting cupcake, how the batter should be, what it should look like… etc.

The good thing is, you can’t tell what the cupcakes taste like from the pictures XP

Just for fun, I made three kinds of cupcakes.  The first kind, lemon meringue, was specifically requested by my friend.  I also made red velvet and vanilla cupcakes because I’m an overachiever like that.  Please find the recipes for these cupcakes below:

Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes

I’m not really sure what my friend thought of them, because he didn’t say anything about it, so I’ll just have to assume that they weren’t up to par.  I did get some feedback from others (since you can’t just make two or three cupcakes, you have to make a whole batch, so I had leftovers), and it sounded like some people liked it… I guess that means I’m not totally hopeless in the cupcake department?

I like to pride myself on baking, so it’s kind of depressing to think that I’m actually not very good at it.  I feel kind of like this:

But it’s okay, I’m also really stubborn, which means that as terrible as it is for my sanity, I’ll probably try to make cupcakes again… and make them BETTER.

On the other hand, someone please explain to me the hype about cupcakes.  Are they particularly tasty relative to other desserts?  Or are they just too cute to look at?  (I can agree with that, cupcakes lend themselves very well towards a wide variety of cute and fanciful decorations.)  Maybe I’m just not sophisticated enough to enjoy them ;;

For anyone interested in making/decorating cupcakes, I used a Ziploc bag rather than a professional piping tube.  A Ziploc bag suffices as a decent substitute, although I think if you want any really fancy frostings, you’d  do better with the real thing.  To use a Ziploc bag, just fill the bag with the frosting, snip off an edge, and decorate.

Anyways~  I’ve decided to post the results of my escapades here, for your viewing pleasure :3  Although I think I’m not terribly good at decorating, I think I did a decent job this time (and of course, camera angle and stuff helps).  Please enjoy :D


First, the cupcakes I gave to my friend, in their boxes.

Cupcake box #1: Lemon Meringue Cupcakes.  They are all frosted and then topped with lemon zest and/or sugar pearls.  For the swirly one, I just took a toothpick and dipped it into some yellow gel food color and then drew it onto the frosting.

Cupcake box #2.  The top two are red velvet with buttercream frosting and red velvet crumbs.  The bottom two are vanilla cupcakes with colored frosting and sugar pearls.

The boxes together and closed.  I got these cute boxes from Michaels, but I’m hoping to make my own boxes next time :3



Now for some pretty(ish?) close ups of some of the left over cupcakes that I had my taste tester try for me before I gave my friend those cupcakes.  (Thank you, taste tester XP)


My special blue marble frosting (it’s really hard to get it appropriately marbled… only this one turned out okay >__<) with sugar pearls, atop a vanilla cupcake.


So I had attempted to do a pretty layered frosting like in the picture on the Vanilla Cupcakes recipe and… uh, obviously that didn’t turn out so well.  Instead, I ended up with what I call a purple elephant octopus frosting sitting on top of another vanilla cupcake.


Lemon meringue cupcake, topped with lemon custard (underneath the frosting) and sprinkled with lemon zest for decoration.


Last but not least, a seductive red velvet cupcake, decorated with red velvet crumbs.  Another point of confusion: what’s so hot about red velvet?  It’s just cocoa powder and red food dye.  But I guess the red makes it look really outstanding.



And there we have it.  Cupcakes!  Please tell me what you think of these and any comments/suggestions for what I can improve on or how to decorate… >__<;  And stay tuned for future adventures and pictures XD