Happy March 3!

I haven’t posted in forever, mostly because work has been suuuuuuper  busy.  I’ve been staying late (until maybe 7-8?) and working more when I get home until I pour myself into bed around 1 AM.  I wake up at 7 (or 7:15, when I’m especially partial to the snooze button) to do it all over again… QQ…

I’m kind of like this during the day:

And then I’m kind of like this when I get home:

And then I’m kind of like this at work the next day:

(XDD;  Just kidding… kind of?)

Except on the days I have church stuff; then I go to church stuff and work afterwards.  It’s been interesting, so I’m not really complaining, but it has been tiring.

BUT things have been lightening up, just in time for today :D

To most people, there is absolutely nothing special about today.  But I like to make holidays out of nothing, because I can always use an excuse to celebrate XD  As some people know, my favorite numbers are a tie between the number 3 and the number 13.  While I like the number 13 more, I think I’m actually “closer” to the number 3.  I’m not too sure why, but I’ve been thinking maybe it’s because I’m 3rd in my family (parents + me).  But who knows, I just like it.

What is this nonsense about numbers?  I’ve just always had special attachments to things that are really not considered special in general.  But most people do have differing feelings towards certain numbers, right?  People have a favorite number, or at least ones they’ll tend to pick if asked to “pick a number between 1 and 10” or whatnot.  Or maybe they have numbers they avoid, like 4 or 13, because they’re considered unlucky.

(Just fyi, I dislike the number 4, and any number with the number 4 in it.  I actually don’t care for even numbers in general.  No clue why, but I do realize their convenience (pairs, for example, or sets).  Sometimes, it makes my life difficult as I’m trying to avoid the number 4 XD  But oh well.  Oh, and by the way, my dislike for the number 4 has nothing to do with Chinese superstition.)

Anyways, so today is March 3 (3/3), and this morning I heard on the radio about this guy that one of the hosts had met 14 years ago today.  The guy kept talking about how it was March 3, and how 3 is a significant spiritual number (the Holy Trinity, for example).  “So,” the host concluded, “look forward to some spiritual blessings today?”  I guess it’s kind of hard to think of it that way, really, but I guess it was just interesting that I’m not the only one who thinks today is special :3

Happy 3/3!  :)

(Now I just have to wait 22 years for it to be 3/3/33 XP)