Happy St. Patricks Day!

Today is the religious holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated internationally.  It’s generally a day of wearing green, making merry, and getting happily drunk until you’re singing loud Irish songs with the rest of the pub.  Or some such :P  At least, modern times have turned the holiday into a celebration of these traditions.

The fun aside from the drinking includes pinching anyone who forgot to wear green today XD;  Lucky for me, I have a green band that I wear around my wrist every day, so I didn’t get pinched (yay).

But the original story behind the holiday is actually much more significant and religious.  St. Patrick was originally from Roman Britain, but he was kidnapped early in his life and worked as a slave in Ireland for many years before escaping to the coast and his freedom after a command from God.  Once home, he studied to be a priest and eventually returned to Ireland to evangelize there.  The most interesting thing for me was that he used the shamrock, or three-leaf clover, to explain and represent the Holy Trinity, and that is why shamrocks are a traditional symbol of this holiday today.

I really don’t know much about St. Patrick’s Day… and everything above was taken liberally from Wikipedia XP  But I just wanted to commemorate the day and share some significant/interesting stuff for me about today ^^  I’m still stuck on the significance of the shamrock XD;  THEREFORE… I’ll share with you some pictures I saw whilst I was searching for the perfect shamrock picture.

The end XD

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!