This weekend is Easter, which means…

Bunnies, egg hunts, spring, and all sorts of happiness?

Well, kind of.  But that’s not really Easter.

Today is Good Friday, but I have issues with saying “Happy Good Friday”… because it’s happy in one way, but I can’t really reconcile the tortuous, suffering death of a man to a happy holiday.  (I do have all sorts of warm feelings for “Happy Easter,” though.)  I think this post puts it best:

Good Friday: The Holiday That’s Different

And now, a little talk about the real Easter.  Easter is a celebration of new life, I think, representative of the resurrection of Jesus after his crucifixion.  Easter marks the end of Lent, a 40-day fasting period that started with Ash Wednesday, and the start of Eastertide, a 50-day long celebration feast.  (That’s a LOT of eating.  For srsly.)

Secularly, Easter is a time when the Easter bunny comes and delivers  Easter eggs to children.  This often involves Easter egg hunts, which I personally find to be fun even as a “grown-up” (I guess there’s a treasure-seeker in all of us XD).  Easter eggs often have candies or maybe even money inside, and some families engage in egg decorating or egg painting, in which you remove the inside of an egg and then paint the shell with different colors and decorations.  That is also fun :3

At work, one of the managers goes around all the floors and puts Easter eggs (plastic ones) with candy (jelly beans and chocolate, this year) on the top part of the door frames.  She also hides some of the eggs around, but I haven’t found any yet XD  (Maybe I should look in the trees or decorations.)  And she also wore bunny ears today :p

I love both sides of the Easter tradition — the real meaning, but also the secular fun stuff.  I sort of see the latter as an extension of the celebration that takes place on Easter Sunday.

So, I’ll leave you with a short riddle of “name that sound.”  What goes “bok bok bok”?

I’ll give a virtual(ly invisible XD) prize to anyone to gets it right :P  Okay, maybe I’ll give you some cookies or something.

Have a blessed and reflective Good Friday :)