Random funny conversations I had with coworkers, because we’re bored like that.

The first one has a little bit of background and requires some knowledge of Japanese, but I’ll explain as I go.  One of my coworkers (who is super smart) knows a smattering of various languages (and frequently makes fun of me for not knowing enough of my own, but hey), so I felt at ease one day to thank him for helping me by typing 3Q.

Me: 3Q

Coworker: What?

Me: 3 = san (this is where you need to know Japanese, or Chinese works, too), Q =… well, q.  Like sankyuu.  Thank you?  (I learned this from someone else a while ago.)

Coworker: Doesn’t it make more sense for it to be 39? (3 = san, 9 = kyuu in Japanese)

Me:  …I guess so, but 3Q looks better than 39.  Besides, if you just said 39, people would be more confused.  3Q looks like it could stand for something.

So then more recently, I was thanking him for something again…

Me: 3Q… or 39 if you prefer.


Me: I hope I’m getting that right.  (Bulldozer =>dozer => dozo, which is sort of an informal “You’re welcome” in Japanese.  Yeah, it took me a while to get it.)

Coworker:  Me too.  Since we’re playing in bastardized pseudo-Japanese.

Me:  I think mine is a little less bastardized.

He was about to go home at the time, so he suddenly comes into the office asking, “You think that 39 is less bastardized than dozer?”  I told him that yes, I did.  We promptly had a brief discussion/argument about which one was less or more so, but he ended it with, “So you did get it, then.”  Yes, I did :P  Of course, my poor office mate was like, “What is going on?”  XD

Then as my office mate and I were leaving for the day, we ran into another coworker and started talking about microwaves on the floor (there’s only one public one, but some people have one in their office).  We parted ways with the other coworker and started saying (again) how we should get a microwave, a little toaster oven, maybe a grill, and stack them in this metal shelf thing we have taking up space in one corner.  They would probably fit between the shelves.  We already have a fridge, by the way, so this is like turning our office into a kitchen.

Me: We should get a Hibachi grill!

Office mate:  And we could bring some food, or some meat, and cook on the grill…

Me: Exactly.  On a Hibachi grill!  Or we can do barbecue.  And then people can come and eat and cook barbecue.

Office mate:  The only thing is that if you cook meat, there’s a smell, and it’ll be hanging around the office for a good while.

Me:  It’s okay, we can just use Febreeze.

Office mate: Oh yeah, Febreeze.

Me: Febreeze works for everything.  It’s like duct tape for air!

Yep.  And it’s true.  I really do think that about duct tape — and Febreeze.