Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about calendars.  Perhaps my thoughts were sparked by my discipler’s mention that she likes to have a calendar to mark down all the things that are going on, and then at the end of the year, she has something to remember the year by.  I like that a lot, actually, so I’ve been trying to procure some kind of cute desk calendar.  I recently bought a cute Hello Kitty Engagement Calendar (even though it’s already halfway through the year >__<;;…)

I prefer Chococat, but his items are limited.  Hello Kitty works, too :3

I should be getting it tomorrow, so hopefully it’s all I’m expecting it to be so I can start using it to remember my days ^ ^

I think that calendars can be pretty romantic things.  The other day I saw an engagement calendar that actually went from July to July, rather than January to December like “normal” calendars.  That sort of got me thinking about how calendars can be used in a romantic sense.  They could make a cute anniversary gift:

(1) For the guy to give the girl a new calendar for the coming year, so that she can mark down all the things they’ll experience together in the next year.  This sort of makes it so that their year is from anniversary to anniversary, rather than from January to December.  I think that could be cute, too ^ ^  I wouldn’t mind marking my year that way.  Extra points if he makes the calendar himself, and it’d probably be pretty hard to find a calendar that does that anyways.

(2) For the guy to give the girl a calendar for the  previous year, in which he marked everything that happened that previous year.  This shows that he remembers their times together and thought they were important enough to mark down :3

Or some combination of the two :P  I guess that’s asking too much of boys, haha.  Just remembering the anniversary is a feat :x

I only say from guy to girl here, because I think guys don’t care that much for something sentimental like a calendar of memories.  Anyways, if a girl gives a guy a calendar, I think it’d be kind of perceived as clingy or passive aggressive hinting?  Just my impression.

Anyways.  This is one of my silly romantic notions.  Too bad it doesn’t fit in my book, or I’d toss it in as a cute side scene (like I’ve done with a lot of other silly notions I have XD).

I’m excited to see my new calendar tomorrow!  :)