This article makes me sad :(

10 Things Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

Even I’ve missed out on some things that the list touched on, and I also think the list may have missed out on some important items (like the loss of cursive).  There are also some things from that list that I would not miss, like getting lost — really, frighteningly lost, and if your phone dies on you or you’re in the middle of the boonies where there’s no reception, no GPS satellite will help you.  I think that the point the article makes, though, is that like many times before, out with the old and in with the new (technology); yet, I don’t think that the adage is always such a good thing.

Think of all the things the next generation has lost!  I feel blessed to be in the “middle” generation, albeit at the tail end.  But I think that maintaining some traditions has merit.  I love the feel of holding a book (and I hate reading from the screen), the look of handwriting on paper (somehow printed paper seems cold, doesn’t it?), the art of film development (which I’ve yet to learn, but hopefully it’ll get preserved at least in schools)…

All that old stuff, though replaced by technology in the modern times, has a sense of sincerity, a realistic quality, and a way to invoke nostalgia that I don’t believe technology can ever attain.

So kids, read your books and learn your cursive D: