So ends another month, exactly the way every other month has ended. Which is, really, un-noticeably. If you didn’t look at the calendar, you would think that my last days of the month are just another day, and probably a day that went more bad than good.

More than a year has gone by, but with no such commemoration of my apartment one-year, job one-year, or church one-year. In fact, probably nobody but me remembered anything about those at all, even out of the (expectedly, and for good reason) few who like to say they care a lot (more than others; but in fact they care about the same, they’re just louder). I’m beginning to understand now one of my previous roommates’ attempt to pass the year more intentionally with goals and a new blog to record each week’s deliberate adventure. Maybe I should have one of those? I was thinking of a baking project. In a vaguely Julie&Julia-esque fashion? Though I haven’t anywhere to get rid of the goods once I’ve baked them, and anyways I really don’t have anywhere to bake.

Which sort of brings me to my catalyst for this post. Among other things, the last hour has been pretty suck. Because I hate bugs and I hate cleaning, and after getting home from church dinner that’s all I’ve been doing. SOMEHOW a colony of ants decided to take over my cat’s food space, and it was disgusting. Swarms of little ants all over my poor kitty’s bowl, and him none the wiser so I had to plop him in my room whilst I began ant-ocide. Ants are pretty hard to kill; the little buggers would survive my attempts to drown them in toxic carpet cleaner (probably did me more harm than the colony, unfortunately). And then they’d be all inside my carpet, and… anyways, I’ll spare you gruesome details. Point is, WHERE DID THEY COME FROM????? I haven’t figured that out since I got severely harassed by a line of them in my kitchen coming from seemingly no where in particular and going really no where in particular.

I’m not a very clean person, to be honest. I’m lazy and I leave stuff out. But on the other hand, I don’t really have much stuff, so usually the only thing left out for bugs is cat food and dishes in the sink. (I’m getting into the habit of putting every food item into an airtight container, and also of not having much food around — my previous/current bug problem was/is roaches and whatever those little rice/flour bug things are). Anyways, these ants have a vendetta against me or something, because I live on the THIRD FLOOR. What kind of ant colony crawls up to the third floor for cat food? And not just that, but these ants were coming, of all places, from some vague area behind my washer/dryer and back wall of my bathroom. It’s a pretty far trek to that cat food, and the only thing back there is the adjacent apartment.

Which brings me to a totally unfounded and baseless but somewhat logical accusation — I wonder if the bugs are coming from said adjacent apartment. I’ve seen my neighbors, and while not really nice or sociable, they’re you’re pretty regular neighbors. The lady/wife was pregnant when I last saw her. But all of these bugs are coming from that wall. My bathroom and kitchen are adjacent to that wall, and while it makes a lot of sense for these bugs to be in my slovenly kitchen, I’m not convinced that that would then lead them to cross my mini dining room into my bathroom for… hm, shampoo? soap? Need to wash critter hands before bug-handling my sealed and/or refrigerated food? At best, I’m thinking they had an ant farm that leaks or broke and they just sort of neglected to mention anything. At worst, perhaps their kitchen is more slovenly than mine. And what can I do but suffer the consequences of whatever the reason?

I’m learning now to be meticulously clean, and I’ll probably have to tornado around my apartment cleaning up and then having willpower to maintain it as such, and MAYBE that will help. Not sure what to do about my cat’s food, though. I’m wary of leaving the food out as a buggy buffet, so I may have to feed him periodically (which sucks, because I’m not always home and I worry he’s not getting enough to eat).

Tomorrow I’m driving back home, and I think I’m going to have to bring my cat with me. I wouldn’t mind, except (1) there’s a dog at the house now, and (2) kitty tends to throw up on car rides unless he’s sitting on my lap (which he can’t really do whilst I’m driving). Soo… dunno. But I can’t leave him here, because I can’t leave food out.

GRRRRR. BUGS. It should just be a cold front and kill all of them already. Not going to happen in this state in this lifetime, though. Guess that means I need a change of scene?

Oh, right. None of that relates to baking unless you look closely. Namely, bugs and baked goods don’t mix. It’s just gross. Like my kitchen. And no kitchen means no baking, means no fun, means I’ll just have to continue daydreaming about madeleines and pumpkin cupcakes with marshmallow fondant ghosts and zebra cake and whatever else ridiculous things I enjoy looking at but won’t have a chance to make anytime soon T^T

I think I need to run around on Morrowind for a bit and smack some things… please excuse me.