Happy π Day!

Today is 3/14, otherwise known as Pi Day (π ≈ 3.14159, rounded off is 3.14).  Because of the English equivalent homonym, this day is often celebrated by the consuming of pie.  So here is a pie for you :D

How much of “pi” do you know?  (I only know up to what I wrote up there, which is not much XD).

π is a mathematical constant, most frequently used for calculations involving circular objects (circles, spheres, etc).  It’s important stuff.

Pie is a type of baked dessert that usually has a dough or graham cracker crust and filling.  Usually the filling is made of some kind of fruit, but you can also have chocolate or other (richer) fillings.  There are also “savory” pies (note that I don’t understand the use of sweet versus savory, because technically those aren’t really in the same category, so I would just say sweet versus salty…) — for instance, pot pies.  Pot pies are probably the only kind of pie that I eat, and they’re very yummy XD  I especially like the Marie Callendar’s frozen ones… because I haven’t really had anything else XP

There is a place in Houston called House of Pies.  I’ve been there once with some friends, and it’s pretty good food — it’s basically a little diner.  My friend told me that they have specials for Pi Day, so if you’re in the area, you should check it out :)

For Pi Day, senpai and I are making some mini strawberry rhubarb pies.  I’ll update with pictures when they’re done.  This will be the second time I’ve ever made pie, so I don’t know how they’ll turn out XD  Rhubarb is kind of hard to find, though > <

Happy Pi Day!

Side Note:  For the romantically inclined, today is also White Day.  See the Valentine’s Day post for more details :3


This past weekend, my friend Tiffy visited from out of town, which was a lot of fun :)  We had lots of needed GIRL TALK XD  And of course, we wandered around an outdoor mall and went shopping.  (Your typical girl date :P )  Somehow, we ended up spending 3 hours at like 2 places > <  But anyways…

We had dinner with some of our friends that she hadn’t seen in a while (actually, I haven’t seen them either D:  Because everybody’s too busy for everybody else… or maybe I’m just too busy QQ).  On the way, Tiffy and I realized we haven’t been to so many places despite having lived here for for a few years.  There was a pretty little strip of land across the river/lake with benches that seemed like it would be a nice place to read, stroll, or watch the sunset :3  We also saw a couple taking wedding pictures on a little dock.  The dinner was at a trailer called The Mighty Cone.  It was basically fried food with some lettuce and sauce wrapped up in a tortilla and put into a paper cone.  The food was really good, though, and we also got some chili-dusted fries.  I can’t eat spicy food well, so it was a little spicy for me, but overall it was delicious and well worth a trip :)

Then we had an impromptu house warming party at one of our friend’s “newly” bought and renovated condo, which was gorgeous.  (He bought it like a year+ ago but just recently finished remodeling it, and most of us hadn’t seen it before.)  He also took us to the top of a nearby parking garage, which overlooked a lot of the city — we could see the lake, the hill(s?), the skyline, and radio towers XD  Apparently, during July 4, you can see a bunch of different fireworks all over the city.  It would be very pretty to see :)

We decided to watch a movie then, and we went back to my place (since my friend doesn’t have a TV) and Tiffy showed us a few things, which I have provided here for your entertainment :3

How Asian Women Age


For the movie, we ended up watching this dramatic Japanese movie referred to as an X-Men crossover with Romeo & Juliet.  It was unfortunately dubbed, but that just made it more ridiculous than dramatic XD;;  The movie was called Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, and apparently based on a true story and similar to a manga/anime called Basilisk.  Don’t ask me what it was about though, I was pretty tired so I ended up sleeping through almost all of it.  They said that I didn’t miss anything though >__<;;

All in all, it was a lovely weekend, and so much fun, as it always is with her~ <3

In the spirit of randomness, I would like to also do some food reviews on here whenever I try new things.  My parents and I went to have breakfast at Einstein Brothers Bagels. We each got something different, including some new items I haven’t seen before.

My mom selected one of their current specials, an egg white, bacon, and cheddar panini on a thin bagel, with country pepper spread.  This came with a small coffee for a total of $5 – $6.  (My mom threw away the receipt, so I don’t know the exact amount.)

Okay, it doesn’t look that small in the picture.  But it was pretty small >__>

Our first impression was that it’s pretty small, but it is on a thin bagel and meant to be healthier than the normal bagel sandwiches, I think.  We all thought that it was very tasty.  I removed the bacon from mine, and it was still good ^^

Final review: It’s worth a try but not worth the price.

My dad chose an egg, bacon, and cheddar breakfast sandwich on a Spinach Florentine bagel.  I think this was $3 – $4.

I liked this one also.  I’d actually been eyeing that spinach florentine bagel earlier. The sandwich was pretty good, kind of generic, but the most notable thing for me was the bagel.  If you like spinach, this is a good bagel. If not, not so much. It had a fairly strong spinach taste, and I think some cheese.

I got a regular bagel & schmear (their term for cream cheese) combination: Dutch apple with the honey almond schmear.  I typically get a cinnamon sugar bagel, but I felt like trying something different, and I haven’t seen the Dutch apple before.

Sorry for the bad picture… I didn’t want to flip the bagel over onto the paper.  Although now that I think of it, I could have just put the insides of the bagel together.  Oops.

Again, sorry for the bad picture on this.  Bad lighting QQ

I usually get the honey almond schmear, so I do recommend that if you’re looking for a sweet schmear.  The Dutch apple bagel was also pretty good, but a little strong for me, so I won’t be getting it again.  If you like apple turnovers or apple pie, this is your bagel.  (I don’t like either, so XD)

Other interesting offerings: a limited time holiday streusel bagel, a potato bagel, another panini bagel thin with salsa, and various pumpkin-flavored breakfast items.

All in all, bagels are nommy :3