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Did you know that all your problems can be solved with return 0?

It’s the new answer to life.


This picture is sooo cute. Cho kawaii.

Somebody want to tell me who/what tabunne is, though?

This is SO cute.

(I stole the picture from the website, so you can understand the next part, if you don’t want to go to the link >__<  BUT YOU SHOULD.)

I tried to make some today with white peaches.  Note that it is considerably different, because peaches are squishy (even hard ones) while apples are firm, so mine actually ended up looking more like sushi T__T;  But at least my mom has this flat plate with a grass print on the background, so the whole “bunnies in the grass” thing makes my attempt look less like a fail XD

By the way, if you haven’t seen the MY MILKTOOF site yet… check it out.  It’s amazing.




My parents and I took Alli (short for Alligator) — our new black lab, who’s about a year old and 75 pounds of whiny, overly excitable, largely untrained, has-more-energy-than-1,000-Energizer-batteries puppy — to the park to fish and walk around this morning.  Although the sky was lit by the time we got there, I still got some nice pictures of the first sun rays across the cloud-spotted sky :3  It’s so beautiful!  I could even see the edges of the clouds glowing from the backlit sunrise.

We think the park is probably too distracting for the dog, so we didn’t get to train her much (we’re trying to teach her to “stay” and “heel”).  She was pretty good though, just far too excited for me XD  I’ll take my cats, thanks.  Or maybe I’m just not used to dogs >__<

We also caught 2 fish, a crocker and a fairly large catfish, one each by my mom and dad.  It was really windy and apparently late in the season (something about the lake waters being too warm), so I’m surprised we caught anything at all.

So this weekend is Father’s Day, which is why we went out so early.  Part one of “Father’s Day weekend” gift, I suppose?  My dad enjoys fishing, so it’s nice for us to go out bright and early on Saturday morning as a family so he can relax and fish :)  Part two of the “gift” is lunch/dinner, I suppose, though we’re all so lax that we have no idea where to go :P  That’s okay.

Otherwise, my only decent gift tends to baking or making ice cream XD  My mom recently got an ice cream machine, so we’re planning to make some mint ice cream — hopefully it’ll be ready by tomorrow.  I’m also planning to make basil & Parmesan scones for breakfast tomorrow ^w^  I’m a slow baker/ice cream maker, so I hope they turn out well and don’t take the whole day >__<

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about calendars.  Perhaps my thoughts were sparked by my discipler’s mention that she likes to have a calendar to mark down all the things that are going on, and then at the end of the year, she has something to remember the year by.  I like that a lot, actually, so I’ve been trying to procure some kind of cute desk calendar.  I recently bought a cute Hello Kitty Engagement Calendar (even though it’s already halfway through the year >__<;;…)

I prefer Chococat, but his items are limited.  Hello Kitty works, too :3

I should be getting it tomorrow, so hopefully it’s all I’m expecting it to be so I can start using it to remember my days ^ ^

I think that calendars can be pretty romantic things.  The other day I saw an engagement calendar that actually went from July to July, rather than January to December like “normal” calendars.  That sort of got me thinking about how calendars can be used in a romantic sense.  They could make a cute anniversary gift:

(1) For the guy to give the girl a new calendar for the coming year, so that she can mark down all the things they’ll experience together in the next year.  This sort of makes it so that their year is from anniversary to anniversary, rather than from January to December.  I think that could be cute, too ^ ^  I wouldn’t mind marking my year that way.  Extra points if he makes the calendar himself, and it’d probably be pretty hard to find a calendar that does that anyways.

(2) For the guy to give the girl a calendar for the  previous year, in which he marked everything that happened that previous year.  This shows that he remembers their times together and thought they were important enough to mark down :3

Or some combination of the two :P  I guess that’s asking too much of boys, haha.  Just remembering the anniversary is a feat :x

I only say from guy to girl here, because I think guys don’t care that much for something sentimental like a calendar of memories.  Anyways, if a girl gives a guy a calendar, I think it’d be kind of perceived as clingy or passive aggressive hinting?  Just my impression.

Anyways.  This is one of my silly romantic notions.  Too bad it doesn’t fit in my book, or I’d toss it in as a cute side scene (like I’ve done with a lot of other silly notions I have XD).

I’m excited to see my new calendar tomorrow!  :)

Lately I think I’ve been pretty into cutesy romantic stuff.  Okay, I’m always into it, but for some reason I’ve really been thinking about serenades a lot.  I think that every girl would like to be serenaded… no matter how cheesy or embarrassing it is XD

What’s really been on my mind is this scene from Roswell.  (By the way, I really really like that show, but I’ll talk more about that later :P  For now, suffice it to say that it’s one of my top fluff and squeal sources.  …That probably didn’t make much sense to anyone but me.  ANYWAYS.)

Sorry if it’s confusing to anyone, as it probably will be if you haven’t watched Roswell before so it’s completely out of context, but just know that the scruffy-looking long-haired dude is future version of the guy singing.

The scene I’m talking about starts at about 6:30.

Although mariachi isn’t really my thing, it’s still super cute and romantic 8D  There’s just something about balconies and singing and flowers… it’s even better than Romeo and Juliet :P  I particularly liked how suave looking he was (totally smirking the whole time) and how he changed the roses from white to red.

Actually, I think it’d be even cuter if he threw rocks at her window to get her attention (you know… like before we had cell phones and instant messenger and stuff, it’s how the guy was sneaky at night, I guess).  But you can’t have everything XD

April, flowy dresses, flowers, and mania.  Yep, it’s that time of year again — prom season.

For girls, I think the season sort of started in like… February.  That’s around when all the dresses come out and flash in your eyes and make you want to pay $400 for something you’ll probably only wear once :P  (Okay, maybe I’m the only one susceptible to that kind of thing > <  But they’re so PRETTY.)  I know this because I get emails about dresses from different stores.

I think that prom is a very important event, at least for the romantically inclined.  To me, prom was the thing I dreamed about all through elementary, middle, and high school, the one beautiful and exciting night that would mark my life forever, and hopefully bring in some wonderful romance.  It was probably as important to me as a wedding day, and infinitely more tangible and perhaps even more important, because it looked like a beginning where marriage looked like an end (to adventure, anyways XD).

Of course, I’m the kind of person easily swayed by flashing lights and Hollywood movies, so of course I have/had high hopes for that kind of magical night :P  (Yeah… I’m that kind of girl.  The kind who believes Hollywood movie, Disney fairy tales, and classic romantic novels portray real life.)

And based on these images I’d grown up seeing, my perception of the “perfect” (rather, the typical/normal) prom went something like this:

  1. A (preferably attractive) guy asks the girl out in a cute way.  (See this article for suggestions.)  And yes, those are the only proper ways.  Basically, something surprising, simple, and cute — and typically indirect, it always seemed like it should involve writing “PROM?” and showing it to her in some romantic fashion.
  2. She says yes, of course XD   Happily.  And her friends are happy for her, too :P
  3. They go dress shopping and she gets a beautiful fluffy dress XD  Complete with shoes, a purse, and some jewelry maybe :3
  4. The guy sets it all up with their friends and stuff, they have a dinner planned, and a limo, and all that.
  5. On the day of, the girl and her friends get together to get ready for the night.
  6. The guys show up to pick them up in a limo, and the guy, of course, pays her lots of compliments because he thinks she’s beautiful :P  The guy brings her a corsage that he slips on her wrist :3  And he has a flower that matches the corsage, and she pins it to his suit.
  7. They go to dinner at a fancy place ^ ^  And he pays for her dinner.
  8. After dinner, they go to the prom place, which is all pretty and decorated like it is in the movies.  They get photo portraits taken, and they dance and chat and have fun~
  9. At some point, there’s a perfect song, and he asks her to dance, and they have the perfect dance ^w^  And maybe that becomes “their song”…?
  10. He takes her home, and they have a moment, and he wishes her good night in a perfect ending to the perfect night ^ ^

Okay, it’s kind of vague, but that’s the outline.  Mine really, really did not go that way, so I must say that I’m wholly disillusioned with romance and prom after my own.  (You can read about my sad little prom story here.  Well, you will be able to when I write it XD)

But it’s still nice to dream, and I’m nothing if not a dreamer.  When I heard that colleges often had spring formals also, I was pretty excited at the idea of having a “make up” prom.   Needless to say, college prom also did not happen for me, and I think you lose a lot of the magic when you get older.  Plus, a lot of people have already had a prom, so they really have no need to have a second one.  It’s part maturity, part experience, and I think it’s part realism, or being more realistic.  (Not to say I didn’t have a super fun time with my friends when I did go in college, just that it didn’t have that romantic flair.)  Oh, and part of the problem is that I was always the planner, so I have not once been asked to a formal dance.  I planned, and I asked, and I was dateless :P

What I learned from these events, or lack thereof, is that disappointment is the only outcome of hope, so it’s better to just leave it in life’s hands and go with whatever happens.  I don’t mean that in a negative way, though it does sound like that.  I just mean that sometimes, you set yourself up to be disappointed by having unrealistic and too-high expectations of something that you look forward to, and there is no way that reality can match the imagination.  For one thing, I’ve learned that guys really don’t dream as big — not that it’s wrong, it’s just a guy thing.  You know how extravagant girls can get if you let them go off and daydream XD

I used to think that the disappointments meant I was a failure, because I felt like it was partially my fault that it never came to be — I wasn’t social enough, I wasn’t brave enough, I didn’t make enough friends, and I wasn’t attractive enough.  I still struggle with that idea.  But I’m starting to think, or try to think, that maybe I just wasn’t meant to have those things, for one reason or another, and I’m trying to learn a life lesson from it.  Like with anything else disappointing, sad, or frustrating that happens in life, these things make me more empathetic to people who are going through trials, especially similar problems.  I want to keep believing that there’s a reason, and the reason is to understand and help people.

But anyways.  Random post about nothing, sorry guys XD  If anyone is going to prom, I hope you have a magnificent, fairy tale time.  For those that had a less than spectacular prom, don’t fret about it — maybe your prince will come for you some day :D  For those of you that are in the same boat as me, don’t be depressed or regretful, but keep dreaming and you’ll see the reason for it some day.  (This is also a reminder for me, too XP )

And I’ll leave you with the movie I think of when I think about prom.  I think it portrays the “high school thing” pretty well, though definitely dramatically, but I rather like the movie ^ ^;;

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