Sometimes, a girl likes to be treated like a princess.  But a girl needs a prince to be a princess.

This is just a random thought that’s been floating around in my head.  I love fairy tales as much as the next dreamer, but it is really hard to square that kind of thing up with what we call “real life.”

When I say that girls like to be treated as princesses, I don’t mean that people need to bow down to her, or that any guy who is interested in her should be her servant.  I just mean that it’s nice sometimes for a guy to… well, do the thing that princes in movies do.  The kind of romantic thing that guys usually are just really bad at.

Bring her flowers for no reason.  Give her pretty jewelry (okay, that’s a little extravagant… you can save that for special occasions).  Show up at her door step with a surprise — and it doesn’t have to be a physical or monetary surprise.  You can come and cook her a lovely dinner, or cutely shaped pancakes for breakfast.  You can come and take her to a bridge or park to have a leisurely stroll under the beautiful blue sky, or the sparkling stars at night.

It’s not hard to be a prince.  Well, so says the girl XD  But really!

Anyways, I should probably get off that topic before I get into the hard/extravagant stuff >__<;;  I do tend to get carried away with those impossible kinds of things.

But while I’m on the topic of romance and princes and princesses, I feel like talking a bit about one of my favorite movies: Ever After.

I don’t think that it was a spectacular box office hit, or even that many people have seen it or like it.  But for some reason, I really, really enjoy this movie.  It’s one of those rare movies that, once I finish watching it, I just feel like watching it again because I didn’t get enough.  Actually, it’s sort of my “remind me that true love exists?” movie, and I like to watch it when I’m feeling down.  To me, it’s a simple, fairly realistic rendition of the Cinderella story, with a likable heroine (I liked her, anyways), a believable prince, and a good sampling of the ups and downs of love.

And while I’m talking about Cinderella (yeah, I tend to do these weird thought chains), I’d also like to mention one of my favorite books: Ella Enchanted.  Mind you, I did not much care for the movie version, and I thought the book was a lot better.

Ella Enchanted leans more towards the children’s book side, but I still find it a delightful read.  It also has a rather likable heroine and believable prince (I guess I have a thing for realistic fairy tales?), along with a full storyline that deviates quite a bit from the original tale but is enjoyable nonetheless.

Please check them out if you get the chance :3