My daddy is so sweet :)

This weekend, I’m back home.  On Sunday mornings, my parents wake me up for home-made breakfast, sometimes biscuits or French toast or green onion egg pancakes, and we sit together around the little table in our sunlit breakfast room with cups of Jasmine tea.  We used to read newspapers (or ads, or the comics section for me), but we stopped buying those because they got too expensive.  After breakfast, my parents get ready for church, and I usually bum around (like I am now; I usually don’t go to their church, because it’s all in Chinese and talking about kids and marriage, so not only do I not understand most of it, the parts that I do understand won’t be applicable to me for at least another 2 years).  It’s a nice routine whenever I’m at home.

My mom is out of town this weekend, so it’s just me and my dad.  Though it definitely feels like we’re missing a part, it’s still nice to just hang out with daddy.  This morning, he made us some shao bing with pork sung for breakfast.


My dad usually likes to put mayonnaise in his, and I don’t tend to eat mayonnaise so I always have mine without.  When we were starting to eat, he was inspecting his two shao bing, so I asked him if he was looking for something in particular (they looked the same to me, so I thought he was looking for some special indication of which one to eat first XD).  He told me that he had made one with mayonnaise and one without.  Thinking that we’d run out of mayo or he wanted to be healthier and not eat mayo in both, I asked him why he made one without.  He told me, “In case you want to eat another one.”

My daddy is so sweet ^ ^

He also went out and bought some canned chickpeas yesterday, because I had asked him on one of my typical whimsical cravings if he could make me hummus.  We only had materials for baba ghanoush (made of eggplant), so he actually bought the chickpeas and made me some hummus > <  It looks kind of like this.

And my mom has taken to texting me; I’m actually having a text conversation with her right now XD

I think I’m learning to appreciate my parents more and more as I get older… I think that’s a good thing :3


This article makes me sad :(

10 Things Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

Even I’ve missed out on some things that the list touched on, and I also think the list may have missed out on some important items (like the loss of cursive).  There are also some things from that list that I would not miss, like getting lost — really, frighteningly lost, and if your phone dies on you or you’re in the middle of the boonies where there’s no reception, no GPS satellite will help you.  I think that the point the article makes, though, is that like many times before, out with the old and in with the new (technology); yet, I don’t think that the adage is always such a good thing.

Think of all the things the next generation has lost!  I feel blessed to be in the “middle” generation, albeit at the tail end.  But I think that maintaining some traditions has merit.  I love the feel of holding a book (and I hate reading from the screen), the look of handwriting on paper (somehow printed paper seems cold, doesn’t it?), the art of film development (which I’ve yet to learn, but hopefully it’ll get preserved at least in schools)…

All that old stuff, though replaced by technology in the modern times, has a sense of sincerity, a realistic quality, and a way to invoke nostalgia that I don’t believe technology can ever attain.

So kids, read your books and learn your cursive D:

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about calendars.  Perhaps my thoughts were sparked by my discipler’s mention that she likes to have a calendar to mark down all the things that are going on, and then at the end of the year, she has something to remember the year by.  I like that a lot, actually, so I’ve been trying to procure some kind of cute desk calendar.  I recently bought a cute Hello Kitty Engagement Calendar (even though it’s already halfway through the year >__<;;…)

I prefer Chococat, but his items are limited.  Hello Kitty works, too :3

I should be getting it tomorrow, so hopefully it’s all I’m expecting it to be so I can start using it to remember my days ^ ^

I think that calendars can be pretty romantic things.  The other day I saw an engagement calendar that actually went from July to July, rather than January to December like “normal” calendars.  That sort of got me thinking about how calendars can be used in a romantic sense.  They could make a cute anniversary gift:

(1) For the guy to give the girl a new calendar for the coming year, so that she can mark down all the things they’ll experience together in the next year.  This sort of makes it so that their year is from anniversary to anniversary, rather than from January to December.  I think that could be cute, too ^ ^  I wouldn’t mind marking my year that way.  Extra points if he makes the calendar himself, and it’d probably be pretty hard to find a calendar that does that anyways.

(2) For the guy to give the girl a calendar for the  previous year, in which he marked everything that happened that previous year.  This shows that he remembers their times together and thought they were important enough to mark down :3

Or some combination of the two :P  I guess that’s asking too much of boys, haha.  Just remembering the anniversary is a feat :x

I only say from guy to girl here, because I think guys don’t care that much for something sentimental like a calendar of memories.  Anyways, if a girl gives a guy a calendar, I think it’d be kind of perceived as clingy or passive aggressive hinting?  Just my impression.

Anyways.  This is one of my silly romantic notions.  Too bad it doesn’t fit in my book, or I’d toss it in as a cute side scene (like I’ve done with a lot of other silly notions I have XD).

I’m excited to see my new calendar tomorrow!  :)

I recently heard Taylor Swift’s new album, “Speak Now” (from Tiffy, who was playing music when she came to visit).  I usually really like Taylor Swift’s songs, because the lyrics are intelligent and honest, and the music is usually very fitting.  She also has some of the best music American music videos I’ve seen — I prefer music videos with a story line, rather than just glamorized photo shoots, so I really like hers :3

Anyways, I particularly liked this song from the album.  There are actually a lot that I’ve come to like as I listened to them, but I think I felt really connected with this one.  For my own reasons, of course :P  This one is called “The Story of Us.”

Lyrics I particularly liked:

“I used to know my place was a spot next to you
Now I’m searching the room for an empty seat”

“Now I’m standing alone in a crowded room
And we’re not speaking
And I’m dying to know, is it killing you
Like it’s killing me?”

“And the story of us
Looks a lot like a tragedy now”

“How I was losing my mind when I saw you here
But you held your pride like you should have held me”

“I’d tell you I miss you but I don’t know how
I’ve never heard silence quite this loud”

“This is looking like a contest of who can act like they care less
But I liked it better when you were on my side
The battle’s in your hands now”

Okay, fine, I copied like half the song, and I still had more.  So I guess I just like the lyrics >___<;;;  (By the way, I really like the first picture in that video.  It’s so pretty and artistic ^^  I want to do a photoshoot now… ><)


Bonus song :D  This one’s called “If This Was a Movie.”

Favorite lyrics:

“Come back come back come back to me like
You would you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside ’til I came out”

The interesting thing about these lyrics is that it’s sort of improbable by now (even though it’s really romantic to think about).  I think that most guys, if they came at all, would just sit in their car XP

Another interesting thing for me is, when I first heard (and every time I hear) that line, I had this image of this side story I had in which two characters (who like each other, obviously) get into a big argument (because they’re too dumb to admit that they like each other, probably), and the guy ends up doing exactly that — waiting outside on the street corner in the rain until she comes out/comes back.  I think I first got that image/idea from a Maroon 5 song, “She Will Be Loved,” with these lyrics:

“I don’t mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain”

Now I feel like writing again… I think I have dangerous amounts of romanticism XD;;…

This past weekend, my friend Tiffy visited from out of town, which was a lot of fun :)  We had lots of needed GIRL TALK XD  And of course, we wandered around an outdoor mall and went shopping.  (Your typical girl date :P )  Somehow, we ended up spending 3 hours at like 2 places > <  But anyways…

We had dinner with some of our friends that she hadn’t seen in a while (actually, I haven’t seen them either D:  Because everybody’s too busy for everybody else… or maybe I’m just too busy QQ).  On the way, Tiffy and I realized we haven’t been to so many places despite having lived here for for a few years.  There was a pretty little strip of land across the river/lake with benches that seemed like it would be a nice place to read, stroll, or watch the sunset :3  We also saw a couple taking wedding pictures on a little dock.  The dinner was at a trailer called The Mighty Cone.  It was basically fried food with some lettuce and sauce wrapped up in a tortilla and put into a paper cone.  The food was really good, though, and we also got some chili-dusted fries.  I can’t eat spicy food well, so it was a little spicy for me, but overall it was delicious and well worth a trip :)

Then we had an impromptu house warming party at one of our friend’s “newly” bought and renovated condo, which was gorgeous.  (He bought it like a year+ ago but just recently finished remodeling it, and most of us hadn’t seen it before.)  He also took us to the top of a nearby parking garage, which overlooked a lot of the city — we could see the lake, the hill(s?), the skyline, and radio towers XD  Apparently, during July 4, you can see a bunch of different fireworks all over the city.  It would be very pretty to see :)

We decided to watch a movie then, and we went back to my place (since my friend doesn’t have a TV) and Tiffy showed us a few things, which I have provided here for your entertainment :3

How Asian Women Age


For the movie, we ended up watching this dramatic Japanese movie referred to as an X-Men crossover with Romeo & Juliet.  It was unfortunately dubbed, but that just made it more ridiculous than dramatic XD;;  The movie was called Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, and apparently based on a true story and similar to a manga/anime called Basilisk.  Don’t ask me what it was about though, I was pretty tired so I ended up sleeping through almost all of it.  They said that I didn’t miss anything though >__<;;

All in all, it was a lovely weekend, and so much fun, as it always is with her~ <3


I took this link from my dear friend’s blog, where she posts a lot of really interesting stuff :)

As for the excerpt, I think that it is an amazing piece of writing.  It’s creative, thoughtful, sincere, and yet so easy to get in touch with and understand.  And I think that the message of it speaks to all of us and reminds us of something very important.

I’ve always been a grasper of time.  And I don’t mean grasping like understanding, I mean grabbing at it, like a little child reaching into the candy jar and trying to take as big a fistful of M&Ms as possible, even though only five fit in my hand, and getting frustrated as all the rest of them pass between my fingers or spill onto the floor.

For me, time makes me anxious, and I’ve long felt that my time might be short.  Not in a depressed way or anything, but more like… there just isn’t enough time in my life to do everything, especially with all the things you have to do to stay alive or support yourself (sleep, eat, go to work, study).  And I’ve wasted a lot of it being angry or sad or wishing for things that just can’t come true.  It’s something I need to work on, too.  I’ve needed a lot of help to eve get to this point XP

I often like to keep the things that people say about themselves or the way they view life in the back of my mind and take them out to roll around in my fingers from time to time.  One thing I remember, that I also try to live by, is something that same friend I mentioned once said.

I don’t remember the exact words, but she told me, “Life is too short to be angry.  I don’t bother being angry anymore.”  (Sorry if I totally butchered what you said, Tiffy.)  Anyways, I sometimes have a short temper, and I know it keeps me from enjoying things like I should — and it hurts me more than it hurts the person I’m mad at.  Lessons learned!

I hope you enjoyed the excerpt, and that it reminds you to savor every second :)

Last night was my small group’s first meeting of the year.  It was wonderful.  Snacking on Land O Lakes hot chocolate, gingerbread marshmallows, snickerdoodles, and Tim Tams, we shared our FEELINGS (sort of inside joke thing, sorry) as we talked about exciting moments from our holiday season, three blessings from 2010, and the things we would like to work on or improve for the coming year.

I’ve already mentioned my 2010 thankful events and blessings, as well as some of my resolutions, in previous posts here, so I won’t reiterate them here.  Mostly, I just wanted to say how nice it was to have a sense of peaceful fellowship with a bunch of fun, deep, and amazing girls.  I also learned something new: the “Tim Tam Slam.”  Apparently, the right way to eat Tim Tams is to bite off one corner, then bite off the opposite corner, and then stick one end into your drink and use it as a straw.  For us, since we were drinking hot chocolate, it quickly became very soft and started to fall apart.  Then, you put the whole bar in your mouth and eat it.

Uh, yeah, just give it a try XD;;  I didn’t understand it at first (especially how to use a chocolate bar as a straw), but it actually worked pretty well.

Anyways, the whole night, I just felt like I was sitting there and soaking up the good feelings from being around these kinds of people.  I think that I am an introvert by nature, which by some definitions means that being around people sucks the energy out of you, but I’ve found that if I’m around certain people, I have a bit of an “extrovert” tendency — that is, I get energy just from being around them.  And I certainly was getting something good from being in that moment with these girls.

All this sounds a bit mushy and vague… I know >__<  But I guess I just wanted to remember one of those precious and rare moments, at least for me, when just sitting and being can feel so warm and pleasant.