Totally post-spamming today.

I heard this song on the radio a little while ago and was captivated by the first verse. Since then, I’ve discovered that the chorus reminds me of another song or a children’s lullaby (particularly Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but I don’t think it actually matches that one), which kind of annoys me. Still, there is something entrancing about this song for me.

Mikeschair – Someone Worth Dying For

You might be the wife,
Waiting up at night
You might be the man,
Struggling to provide
Feeling like it’s hopeless

Maybe you’re the son,
Who chose a broken road
Maybe you’re the girl,
Thinking you’ll end up alone
Praying God can you hear me?
Oh God are you listening?

Am I more than flesh and bone?
Am I really something beautiful?
Yeah, I wanna believe, I wanna believe that
I’m not just some wandering soul
That you don’t see and you don’t know
Yeah I wanna believe, Jesus help me believe that I
Am someone worth dying for

I know you’ve heard the truth that God has set you free
But you think you’re the one that grace could never reach
So you just keep asking, what everybody’s asking


You’re worth it, you can’t earn it
Yeah the Cross has proven
That you’re sacred and blameless
Your life has purpose

You are more than flesh and bone
Can’t you see you’re something beautiful
Yeah you gotta believe, you gotta believe
He wants you to see, He wants you to see
That you’re not just some wandering soul
That can’t be seen and can’t be known
Yeah you gotta believe, you gotta believe that you
Are someone worth dying for

You’re someone worth dying for
You’re someone worth dying for


There is also something beautiful about the music video.  Despite the “theologically correct” comments, which in my opinion missed the intent of the song, I find the video very touching.

Letting the sounds soak in now…


Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot like the lyrics to some of the songs I’ve been listening to on and off on the radio.

I’m particularly feeling like these lyrics (especially the second half):

Still you call me to walk
On the edge of this world
To spread my dreams and fly
But the future’s so far
My heart is so frail
I think I’d rather stay inside

Good thing we get the chorus, despite feeling that way ^ ^


And this one sometimes…

This part gives me hope :)

But I’m still a dreamer
A believer
Oh, I lost my faith in so many things
But I still believe in You
‘Cause You can make anything new


Lastly, the song I couldn’t remember but waited until I found again before I felt right finishing this post.  I am in complete love with this song.

Can you hold me together?
Can your love reach down this far?
Can you hold me together?
‘Cause without You holding my heart
I’m falling apart

Just heard this song.  I’m feeling particularly inclined towards escapism right now, so I rather like it XD

Haven’t we all wanted someone to come take us away at some point in our lives?  Away from the stress, or the pressure, or the sadness, or maybe just the mundane routines of life.   If you’ve never felt that way, then I’m really glad for you — you’re either the kind of person who is content/happy with their lives no matter what, and that’s a blessing, or the kind of person who has the strong will to make the change for yourself.  But, being the dreamer that I am, I know I’ve wanted to be swept off my feet and taken away to something better :)


It’s okay if you can’t go and changed what happened
It was just a bad day
And you know everybody has them
I get it when you say
You feel like everyone’s passed you over
But it’s not too late
I’ll pick the weight up off your shoulders

I’m coming to take you away
To the place where pain won’t find you
I’m coming to take you away
So leave the weight of the world behind you
And you know nothing’s too far
Nothing’s too hard
I’ll always be there
I’m coming to take you away

Don’t cry cause you know you’re not alone
Now, let me dry your eyes
Now it’s time that you finally find out
There will always be a new day
At the end of every hard one
Now I’m on my way
So I can be there to help you start one
I’m bringing a new sun

I’m coming to take you away
To the place where pain won’t find you
I’m coming to take you away
So leave the weight of the world behind you
And you know nothing’s too far
Nothing’s too hard
I’ll always be there
I’m coming to take you away
To take you away

I’m coming to get you
So leave your bags at the home that held you down
You can’t pack for the place we’re going now
It doesn’t matter what’s going on
I’m the one to get you out

I’m going to take you
Where the sun lights up your face
Where you can’t remember yesterday
’til the hurt has been replaced
I’m coming to take you away

I’m coming to take you away
So leave the weight of the world behind you
And I know nothing’s too far
Nothing’s too hard
I’ll always be there
I’m coming to take you away
Take you away

I just heard this song last night, and I really liked it :D  Well, the first verse, anyways.  I didn’t hear the rest of the song yesterday XD  But I found it somehow, so here ya go~

If I could, I’d really like to send/dedicate this song to some friends I know who know how particularly that first verse feels, as much as or more than I do.  I think you know who you are :)

Do you wonder why you have to
Feel the things that hurt you?
If there’s a God who loves you, where is He now?

Maybe there are things you can’t see
And all those things are happening
To bring a better ending

Someday, somehow, you’ll see, you’ll see

Life is not a snapshot
It might take a little time,
But you’ll see the bigger picture

Today is March 16, which I heard for the first time on the radio is John 3:16 day :)  I’ve never thought of it before, but it seems like that radio station is really big on holidays XD  So am I, so it works out well.

They recommended that today, everyone share John 3:16 with at least one person.  Maybe it’s a little cheating for me to post it, but I think I’m too intimidated by strangers to talk to them in person T__T;;  But anyways, here is the verse.  I think that it’s probably one of the most famous, powerful, and fundamental verses.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

— John 3:16 (NIV)

My dear friend Iris told me a few months ago that she has been recently starting to listen to Christian music.  Previously, she was pretty into K-Pop and up-to-date on a lot of that music.  (She knows like everything about everything media-related, I feel like.)

Before that, I rarely listened to Christian music, because it made me feel kind of… I’m not sure.  It was just an awkward, uncomfortable feeling, and I pinned it on the idea that a lot of them sounded like love songs, but they weren’t; at least, not in the typical way.  They weren’t romantic love songs to a significant other.  They were love songs to God.  And that just really weirded me out for some reason.  I mean, I always liked worship songs (at church), but not so much contemporary music.

After Iris told me that, I started listening more and more to Christian music.  I happily found that there are Christian radio stations, and Pandora also has Christian music.  And the funny thing is, I started to like a lot of the songs.

I think part of the reason I started moving towards this kind of music is because most of the music out there these days… well, some might be catchy, but most of them don’t really inspire a clean, righteous kind of life.  They make you want to go to a club and do some dirty dancing, and maybe at the end of the night you’ll be wasted enough to take a stranger home for activities you might not remember the next day, if you’re lucky.  Maybe that works for some people, but it’s really not my thing, and it’s not to me what a fulfilling life would be like.

I like to think that I can do something useful with my life — as useful as anyone could be, anyways.  Whether for self-fulfillment, happiness, a higher calling, God’s purpose, or just because, I’d like to be productive and bless others.  Normally, I do a terrible job, but it’s something I like to aspire to.  And I don’t think that many other people could truthfully say that they don’t want a purposeful life.  I don’t think many people enjoy wandering around aimlessly.  If nothing else, it’s sort of boring and repetitive.  You start wondering, “What’s the point?”

Anyways, sorry for the long locution at the potential expense of offending anyone who is not religious (or is of a different religion).  I just wanted to put up some songs that I heard recently that I like >__<  I think that, regardless of your beliefs, there is something beautiful, true, and touching in all of these songs.




I recently heard Taylor Swift’s new album, “Speak Now” (from Tiffy, who was playing music when she came to visit).  I usually really like Taylor Swift’s songs, because the lyrics are intelligent and honest, and the music is usually very fitting.  She also has some of the best music American music videos I’ve seen — I prefer music videos with a story line, rather than just glamorized photo shoots, so I really like hers :3

Anyways, I particularly liked this song from the album.  There are actually a lot that I’ve come to like as I listened to them, but I think I felt really connected with this one.  For my own reasons, of course :P  This one is called “The Story of Us.”

Lyrics I particularly liked:

“I used to know my place was a spot next to you
Now I’m searching the room for an empty seat”

“Now I’m standing alone in a crowded room
And we’re not speaking
And I’m dying to know, is it killing you
Like it’s killing me?”

“And the story of us
Looks a lot like a tragedy now”

“How I was losing my mind when I saw you here
But you held your pride like you should have held me”

“I’d tell you I miss you but I don’t know how
I’ve never heard silence quite this loud”

“This is looking like a contest of who can act like they care less
But I liked it better when you were on my side
The battle’s in your hands now”

Okay, fine, I copied like half the song, and I still had more.  So I guess I just like the lyrics >___<;;;  (By the way, I really like the first picture in that video.  It’s so pretty and artistic ^^  I want to do a photoshoot now… ><)


Bonus song :D  This one’s called “If This Was a Movie.”

Favorite lyrics:

“Come back come back come back to me like
You would you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside ’til I came out”

The interesting thing about these lyrics is that it’s sort of improbable by now (even though it’s really romantic to think about).  I think that most guys, if they came at all, would just sit in their car XP

Another interesting thing for me is, when I first heard (and every time I hear) that line, I had this image of this side story I had in which two characters (who like each other, obviously) get into a big argument (because they’re too dumb to admit that they like each other, probably), and the guy ends up doing exactly that — waiting outside on the street corner in the rain until she comes out/comes back.  I think I first got that image/idea from a Maroon 5 song, “She Will Be Loved,” with these lyrics:

“I don’t mind spending everyday
Out on your corner in the pouring rain”

Now I feel like writing again… I think I have dangerous amounts of romanticism XD;;…

I’m the kind of person that is easily stressed out, and a lot of little things can build up very quickly and make me upset. Sometimes I feel like this:

“Ragequit” is probably the appropriate term for that.

For instance, if some project I’m working on at work/school isn’t going (smoothly or otherwise) for what seems like a stupid and non-project related reason, and anyone working on something similar is not experiencing those problems and/or is being really unhelpful and uncaring, and I can’t get this particular necessary website to load, and my apartment is cold, and my bills are high for no explicable reason, and my car is acting weird, and my skin is feeling dry, and I don’t know what to do about my future, and people are being unhelpful and uncommunicative, and I don’t have the right muffin pan liners, and the store ran out of the thing that I wanted, and–

Well, it’s a lot of little things. Toothpicks, if you will, pricking you until you’re just too frustrated to go on.

In those cases, like everyone else, I have some things that help me to relax a bit. A lot of times, music does it for me. I’ve recently found some nice calm songs that I like to listen to, so I just felt like posting them here ^^ (Hm, this post was supposed to be mostly about those songs, but it seems like I wrote mostly about ragequitting. Oops XD;;…)

The first song is one that I actually never really liked before, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I started listening to it because there was a reference to it in a KDrama I was watching. Originally, I had wanted to find this one version that I heard a long time ago, sung by a man with a very deep voice, but I couldn’t quite find that one. I did, however, find this very nice and calming version by Israel Kamakawiwo`ole from Hawaii.  I feel like it’s actually a mix of two songs, but I can’t remember what the second one is called, and there’s no reference to it on the video. Oh well, I really like this version (as opposed to Israel’s straight “Over the Rainbow,” because that one has other sounds in it).

Another song is one that I actually didn’t care much for before, either.  (I think that’s a trend in my life, but I’ll save that topic for later.)  I was introduced to this song by my friend Daniel, but I never really listened to it until recently… probably because I saw that NICHKHUN had played it.  So of course, I was sucked in.  (If you don’t know who Nichkhun is, you’ve been missing out!  XP)

Oh, right.  The song.  Sorry, that happens sometimes (I get distracted).  So the song is Yiruma’s “Kiss the Rain,” which is just really pretty and somewhat melancholic but also very calming.  This is the one I usually listen to, and it has pretty flower pictures to go with :)

(Oh and if you’re curious, Nichkhun’s version is here.  I don’t like to listen to that one though, because it gets really static-y halfway through.)

Yiruma has a lot of really pretty songs, but “Kiss the Rain” is probably my favorite.  You can check out his other songs on the sidebar if you go to the YouTube page for the video.

There is also an artist, Lisa, that I recently rediscovered, and she is amazing.  She has a beautiful voice and a very friendly, warm feeling, AND she writes/composes all of her own songs in English or Japanese.  I think I’ll make an intro post about her sometime, but in lieu of that, I’ll give you a preview with one of the songs I sometimes like to listen to in order to feel calmer.  The song is called “You Don’t Know.”  Please check out her other songs as well!

Now that I’m all nice and calm, I suppose I shall end the post here XD;

Enjoy and have a beautiful day!